11 Stylish Cat Accessories That’ll Actually Look Good in Your House

Some of the obligatory accessories that come with cat ownership are, shall we say, less than pretty. Litter boxes and scratching posts don’t typically scream “chic decor.” Well, you’re actually in luck, because stylish cat accessories do exist, they are cute and your cats will love them.

iris top entry litter box

Iris Top-entry Cat Litter Box

This looks nothing like a traditional litter box. Unlike bulky covered boxes or open trays, the top-entry design not only hides what’s inside but also provides a sleek, modern exterior. It almost looks like something you’d see in a futuristic movie, except you can buy it now (in orange, gray or black).

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cat window mount cat bed

K&h Deluxe Kitty Window-mount Cat Bed

This deluxe bed mounts directly to a window so your cat can take a catnap while enjoying the warmth of the sun.

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trixie wooden litter box

Trixie Pet Wooden Pet House And Litter Box

Like a tiny outhouse for your cat, this litter box fits nicely in homes with limited space. Use the top as shelving and keep kitty’s stuff hidden away. Honestly, without the opening in the door, this could be a farmhouse-chic cabinet or accent table.

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good pet stuff litter box planter

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box Planter

Your friends will come over and be all “I love your plant!” And you’ll wink at your cat, knowing this apparatus is so much more than a planter. This camouflaged litter box is big enough for large cats and multiple-cat households, it adds a bit of green to the room (it’s a fake plant, so you don’t have to worry about your cat nibbling it) and it hides kitty’s business.

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oster cat window seat

Oster Sunny Seat Cat Window Mount

Cats love lounging and staring out the window, which means hair everywhere. With this window-mount seat (machine washable, by the way), they’ve got their own perch to stick to. Plus, it’s not bulky like a lot of cat towers are and it won’t hinder your view.

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flower home pet bed

Vintage Marble Wood-frame Pet Bed By Drew Barrymore Flower Home

Some dog and cat beds can look sort of run down. Not this one. The raised bed frame is made of engineered wood and rubberwood, making it look more like a designer footstool than a pet bed, and the cushion has a gorgeous light-blue pattern and is machine washable (to get rid of all the hair your cat will inevitably shed).

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kitty city rope cat bed

Kitty City Rope Cat Bed

Aside from the rope texture (very nautical), the turquoise and gray colors on this bed make it much more appealing to the eye than the plush interior cushion alone. A little structure goes a long way.

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vesper cat furniture

Vesper Cat Furniture

This multistory playhouse is everything your cat dreams of. It’s equipped with cozy cubes, platforms, scratching posts and a string toy.

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wicker cat perch

Classiccomfort Oasis Cat Perch

Let your cat satisfy her hunting instinct as she bats at a set of feathers while also improving her coordination. Once she tires herself out, the wicker basket on top provides a nice resting spot.

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boomer george cat tree bookshelf

Boomer & George Cat Tree Bookshelf

Where does the bookshelf end and the cat tree begin? Exactly. The crisp white finish goes well with just about any decor style, and it’s up to you (or really, your cat) how much space is devoted to books.

BUY NOW ($177)

cat modern fort

Cat Mod Fort

Practically a piece of modern art, this chic fort will provide your cats with a stylish place to hang out and file their nails while you admire your home. Honestly, this thing looks good even without a cat in it, which is a testament to its versatility.

BUY NOW ($356)

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