According to a New Study, *This* Is the Optimal Square Footage for Marital Bliss

We've always thought the golden rule of cohabitation was simply: Have a door that you can close for privacy when you need it. But according to a brand-new study conducted by the lighting brand Sofary, you can actually quantify the requirements for domestic bliss—in square feet, no less. 

Sofary surveyed over 900 coupled-up individuals on the trials and tribulations of living with their respective S.O. and uncovered that couples who had 1,800 square feet of living space or more saw higher levels of relationship satisfaction, compared with those who had less room to work with. 

As the study states: "The more space couples had to share, the more likely they were to feel satisfied with their relationship. As little as 100 square feet might make up the difference between a happy couple and one on the brink of collapse. For baby boomers, people satisfied with their significant other lived in 1,835 square feet of space, compared to 1,733 square feet for unhappy couples. For millennials, the gap was much wider. While millennials happy with their relationship had 1,810 square feet of space to share, on average, those feeling dissatisfied tried to make 1,566 square feet work instead." 

So there you have it, folks: Opt for space over location if you want to keep your marriage blissful.