The One Swap to Make in Every Room of Your House This Spring

The temptation to throw open the windows and toss out everything you own hits hard come sunny, 60-degree days. But we mean it when we say most of the decor you have still works. Instead of a complete overhaul, take a more mindful approach to your spring home refresh. This year is all about boldness, texture and natural elements, so consider this edited list of six trendy swaps for a reinvigorated feeling from your kitchen to your master bedroom.

Victoria Bellafiore/Zeal Living

In The Office: Swap Framed Prints For Textural Art

Flat art is no match for texture this season. Woven wall hangings made of fibrous and natural materials will add a calming quality to the room—perfect for helping you achieve a grounded headspace while you work.

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Victoria Bellafiore/Garnet Hill

In The Bedroom: Swap Cotton Sheets For Colorful Linen

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Make it feel that way by swapping in ultra soft, temperature-regulating linen bedding in a fresh hue (we can’t get enough of the Oxford Blue shade from Garnet Hill). Their 100 percent linen sheets are made in Portugal from European flax and only get softer with every wash. Bonus: Even though they’ll make your bedroom feel refreshed for spring, you can keep them on through the winter, too.

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Victoria Bellafiore/West Elm

In The Living Room: Swap Your Jute Rug For An Abstract Design

Staying in the lines? So 2019. Maximalism is in, and eye-catching rugs with edges that curve and bend—conforming to no particular shape—will be popping up everywhere this year. But if that feels a little too trendy for you, choose an abstract design sans symmetry instead to reach a very similar effect.

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Victoria Bellafiore/Amazon

In The Kitchen: Swap Uniform Hardware For Mixed Metals

Incorporating multiple metallic tones into one space looks modern and luxurious. The easiest way to achieve the look is by choosing cabinet and drawer pulls in a different finish than your faucet and appliances. Currently all stainless steel? Go for matte black or bronze (psst: silver and brown metals always play nicely together). Just be sure not to mix more than three tones or it might start looking chaotic.

Victoria Bellafiore/Crate&Barrel

In The Entryway: Swap Beige Decor For Dusty Green Accents

Pantone’s color of the year just so happens to mesh perfectly with our springtime craving for all things green. From muted olive tones to soft sage, swap pieces—like a stoneware vase—into your entryway so the first impression you get when you step across the threshold is an inviting one.

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Victoria Bellafiore/WallsNeedLove

In The Half Bath: Swap Paint For Floral Wallpaper

Don’t worry: This is not your mom’s dated micro-florals or your grandma’s couchy prints. This year’s floral wallpaper is stunning and bold—and won’t remind you of the smell of mothballs. While florals for spring are nothing new, 2020 is seeing a resurgence in the pattern as a way to create a bright statement by taking over an entire space. The perfect low-commitment spot for a fun splash? A powder room. Hot tip: Paper the ceiling, too, for a truly modern approach.