8 Decor Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

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If you’re anything like us, you’d probably sell your right arm to guarantee a perfect night’s sleep. But what if, before resorting to limb-removal, you could get a solid night of sleep by changing just a few simple room decor choices. From breathable linens to cozy rugs, we’ve determined which decor decisions could help you get more shut-eye—and which are actually ruining your precious chance at a solid eight hours.

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1. Your Sheets Trap Too Much Heat

Sure, that polyester or jersey cotton blend might look and feel nice, but you’re actually trapping in heat, which might make it harder for you to sleep comfortably. Try an organic percale sheet set that will keep you cool overnight.

Parachute ($149)


2. Your Lighting Is Straining Your Eyes

It’s easy to pop in any old lightbulb that fits in your perfect new fixture, but it could actually be straining your eyes and making it harder to fall asleep. Try a bulb that will adjust with the time to emit a more comforting hue at night and in the morning.

Philips ($100)


3. Your Curtains Are Too Thin

Yes, they look super pretty during that afternoon golden hour, but during early sunrise? Not so much. Find a curtain that’s both aesthetically pleasing and actually effective at its job.

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4. Your Wall Colors Are Too Harsh

That red statement wall might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s not doing your sleep patterns any favors. Keep it calm and simple to help you wind down at night.

Glidden ($22)


5. Your Floors Don't Have Enough Coverage

The bedroom is the one place real hardwood floors aren’t swoon-worthy. An area rug won’t just make a room cozier; but it also helps to muffle sounds for a more serene night.

Couristan ($359)


6. Your Bed Has Too Many Pillows

There’s no doubt the 2:2:1 rule will make your bed look Insta-worthy, but be sure to take them off before you actually sleep. Find one pillow that cradles your head gently and makes the alignment of your spine as straight as possible.

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7. Your Duvet Cover Is Too Heavy

Although none of us want to have to buy a new duvet each season, the temperature changes that occur can severely mess with our sleep. A linen duvet is made for both cool and hot sleepers and can keep body temperature even no matter the temp outside.

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Joss and Main

8. Your Room Has Too Much Clutter

You may not think it affects you, but clutter around you can make you feel anxious and hurt your ability to fall asleep. Find a bookshelf with dimensions so you can tuck away the “less pretty” bedroom items and show off the prettier pieces so you can feel calm and at peace while you sleep.

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