The Controversial Kitchen Trend the Design World Is Buzzing Over

We aspire to be women who arrange their kitchen shelves as though curating an upscale cookware gallery. In reality, we thank our lucky stars every day for the cabinet doors concealing our mismatched Tupperware collection. Which is why we’re cautiously enamored by the kitchen design darling of 2019: Single open shelving.

That’s right, many the buzziest kitchens right now have one thing in common: One airy, minimalist ledge in place of traditional cabinetry.

On the one hand, Hello gorgeous. On the other, Really though, where do I put my mixing bowls? Whether you’re team pro or con (or torn), there’s no denying that this take is chic, affordable and suited to all styles. But don’t take our word for it—see for yourselves.

Is *This* the New White Kitchen?

Courtesy of Marie Flanigan Interiors

Modern Glam

Naturally, this choice looks right at home alongside sleek lines, polished materials and slick hardware. In the neutral kitchen that Marie Flanigan designed for Whitney Port, a pop of single ledge shelving provides a spot for a little color injection.

Courtesy of deVOL Kitchens

Eclectic Charm

Layer in paintings and potted greens—and install a hanging rod below for even more quirky character.

Courtesy of DeVOL Kitchens

Rustic Country

The single shelf looks totally old-world when supported with architectural brackets and set against shaker cabinet fronts. How quaint and rustic is this single upper situation by British cabinetmaker deVOL?

Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Minimalist Boho

Note to self: The single shelf pairs beautifully with trendy matte black fixtures and a warm, oriental runner. In this bohemian tinged kitchen by designer Amber Lewis, a corner of single upper creates an ideal moment for a potted cacti, coffee carafe and pinch bowl vignette.

In Conclusion

It’s elegant, it’s minimal...and it’ll probably help you KonMari your kitchen. However, without the option for storage elsewhere, and if you’re worried about ROI, it’s a definitely a gamble.

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