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You Can Now Ship Jonas Snow to Your (Jealous) Non-East Coast Friends

If you live on the East Coast, chances are you're still digging out from winter storm Jonas. (You know, the near-record-breaking blizzard that brought at least a foot of snow to 14 different states?)

While we're already over it (this was our commute today), it's understandable to have powder FOMO elsewhere. 

Well, non-East Coasters, get excited: Ship Snow Yo is here to make all your Frozen dreams come true.

This Boston-based company collects snow from Jonas, hand packs it in Styrofoam coolers (in either 12 to 14 or 22 to 24 pounds) and ships it anywhere in the United States for a pretty penny ($119 to $199).

Because snowmen are, in fact, awesome. Even (and maybe especially) if they're on a beach. 

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