This Company Makes Chic Custom Doors for Your Cheapo IKEA Cabinet Frames

Meatballs. Ektorp sofas. Accent rugs: IKEA does a lot of things really well. But its accessible kitchen systems might offer the best bang-for-your-buck of all. The problem? While we want our kitchens to be affordable, we don’t exactly want them to look affordable (or the same as our neighbor’s, for that matter). That’s where Semihandmade comes in…

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Courtesy of Semihandmade

A power player in the “IKEA hack” space since 2011, Semihandmade stands out from other companies for how remarkably un-hack-like the finished product looks. (We mean, does the kitchen above not look totally bespoke?). By adding custom door fronts (think: walnut veneer or classic shaker) to IKEA’s cheapie bones, total costs go down big-time. You can expect a tab between $7,000 and $16,000 for both the Ikea frames and hardware and Semihandmade's custom doors (about 40 percent less than true custom cabinetry would run ya—with no-less-stunning results).

Courtesy of Semihandmade

Here’s how the process works: 1) Design your IKEA kitchen cupboard layout in store or online. 2) Choose your custom cabinet fronts and send Semihandmade your kitchen rendering. 3) Order your frames and cabinet hardware from IKEA. 4) Wait several weeks (depending on material) for your doors to arrive. 5) Finish off with snazzy hardware. 

Courtesy of Semihandmade

Admit it: You’d never in a million years guess this was an IKEA kitchen. (And that, dear friends, is the point entirely.)

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