8 Secrets of People Who Are Never Late

If they can do it, so can you

So, you occasionally run a few (alright, 15) minutes late. Your friends call it one of your most endearing qualities, but real talk for a sec? It’s not. Here, eight secrets of people who always effortlessly arrive on time.

They Time Their Makeup Routine

If you want to perfect your cat eye, do it on your own time. Your morning makeup routine should take you ten minutes--tops. Set a timer on your iPhone so you’re certain you don’t run over. When the alarm sounds, put the mascara wand down.

They Make Breakfast In Advance

Truth: Mini-muffin-tin breakfast quiches will change your life. Spend Sunday afternoon mixing up a tray full of these protein-packed bites. On weekdays, you’re prepped and ready to grab and go.

They Plot Out 5 Days Of Outfits In Advance

You’d be amazed by how much time you waste rummaging around for a run-free pair of tights in the dark. A better plan: Map out a week’s worth of outfits on Sunday nights (everything from your suit jacket to your bra), then put each outfit on its own hanger, so you can get dressed in seconds.

Like a Saturday

They Have A Bowl (or Hook) For Their Keys

You walk in the door, you drop your keys in a dish. The next time you go out, they’re right where you left them. So simple, yet so much better than frantically searching all your coat pockets.

The Fifth

They Follow The 40 Percent Rule

In scientific terms, it’s known as the buffer index, aka a calculation that says it will most likely take you 40 percent longer than you think it will to get to your destination. Do the math. If you think you need 30 minutes to get to dinner, you probably need 42.

They Build In Overflow Time

When was the last time that client meeting/doctor’s appointment/haircut ran on time? Pad your schedule--15 minute intervals between appointments should be enough to give you wiggle room so you never run late.

They Never Let Their Gas Tank Get Below A Quarter Full

You know that feeling when you’re actually running on schedule…only to realize you need to get gas or you’ll end up stranded on the side of the highway? Save yourself that “oh lord nooooo” moment by always stopping for a fill-up when you hit the quarter mark.

Simple is New Luxury

They Get Off Social Media

All you wanted to do was quickly check in on your high school boyfriend you haven’t seen in 20 years. Seventeen minutes later, you’re still scrolling through his Instagram feed. If you’re crunched for time, do not (we repeat, do not) open those apps. You can stalk him when you get to where you’re going--five minutes early.