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From Meghan Markle's maternity wear to Queen Elizabeth's breakfast routine, royal style informs the conversation. So it's no great surprise that one of 2019's premiere design trends comes to us straight from Buckingham Palace. Friends, get on board with baroque. 

Crash course: Baroque interior style, known for its opulent detail and ornamentation, took off in early 1700s Italy before spreading across Europe and taking up residence in, yup, the likes of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. In historian David Watkin's book, A History of Western Architecture, he went so far as to describe Windsor Castle's 1700s refurbishment as "the most extravagantly Baroque interiors ever executed in England."  

So how can we expect to see this trend revealed stateside? Via period details like pedestal feet, heavy moldings, gilded finishes and generally, a sense of grandiosity. "Baroque style and ornate details will be back in 2019," says Austin and NOLA-based designer Maureen Stevens. "Truth be told, it has been eking its way back through the mainstream in the past few years but it's still restrained—like maximalist minimalism. In the New Year, more people will embrace it and will put exuberance, drama and grandeur in their homes!"

For a throughly modern example, take this elegant bathroom she crafted: With its metallic claw-foot tub, gilded mirror and natural motif sconces, the space is befitting of a queen...even if that's of the self-dubbed variety. 

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