25 Random but Useful Gifts You Can Find at The Container Store

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FYI, the best gifts to receive are the ones you never knew you needed. While comfy socks, statement jewelry and even the latest tech gadgets are always nice to unwrap, have you ever considered how much joy an electric candle lighter can deliver? Amazon aside, one of our fave places to find random but useful gifts is The Container Store (and yes, they have more than just storage bins). Here, 25 presents from The Container Store to buy for your Secret Santa, your picky brother and yes, yourself.

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random but useful gifts the container store cleaning brush
The Container Store

1. Oxo Goods Grips Grey Electronics Cleaning Brush

If cleaning gel isn’t your thing, how about a discrete cleaning brush that can get in the nooks and crannies of a keyboard? At first glance, it looks like a regular old pen, but this double-sided tool can be used to clean just about any dirty tech lying around. Yeah, your brother-in-law’s going to love this one.

random but useful gifts the container store styling tool holder
The Container Store

2-in-1 Hot Sleeve Styling Tool Holder

Now your sister doesn’t have to wait for her straightener to cool down before running out the door. This silicone 2-in-1 holder can contain even the hottest of curling irons (up to 500 degrees, to be exact). It folds flat, so she has a safe surface to place her tool while doing her hair but it also serves as a compact travel case, ideal for carry-on bags and gym totes alike.

random but useful gifts the container store angry mama microwave cleaner
The Container Store

3. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

It won’t take much convincing to get grandma to leave the microwave cleaning to this handy kitchen gadget. Just add some vinegar and water, pop it in the appliance and let the Angry Mama remove dirt, stains and smells from your microwave. Oh, did we mention it’ll only take seven minutes?

random but useful gifts the container store every drop makeup spatula
The Container Store

4. Every Drop Makeup Spatula

This mini spatula can remove every last drop from lip glosses, foundations, concealers and more. This one’s going to be a game-changer for any makeup guru in your life. Plus, the reusable design makes it much more sustainable than Q-tips.

random but useful gifts the container store thumbscraper scraper tool
The Container Store

5. Thumbscraper Scraper Tool

Anyone who’s ever struggled to remove a stubborn price tag or stickers their children pasted on the kitchen window will appreciate this teeny-but-mighty tool. The scraper works on almost any surface—and it can even get rid of the adhesive that stickers always leave behind. Plus, it has a thumb placement to avoid any mishaps. Forget ruined nails when this tool is around.

random but useful gifts the container store cat
The Container Store

6. Hygenie Antimicrobial Brass Touch Tool

If the thought of touching public screens, buttons and doors doesn’t sit right with your uncle, this tool is the middleman he’s been looking for. This lightweight device will helps him avoid touching any germ-filled area. He can just hook it onto his keys and press away.

random but useful gifts the container store microfiber fuzzy finger mitt
The Container Store

7. Mini Microfiber Fuzzy Finger Mitt

Your coworker loves cleaning? They’ll squeal over these mini mitts that can buff, dust or polish almost any surface. They can slip it over two fingers and watch how it collects any messy spots in their work area.

random but useful gifts the container store dog treat selfie clip
The Container Store

8. Kikkerland Dog Treat Selfie Clip

The only thing harder than taking a good picture of the kids is catching the perfect shot of your pup. Luckily, there’s this selfie clip that will finally capture Fido’s attention (and his cute face). Just clip their fave snack to keep their face looking towards the snack, er, camera.

random but useful gifts the container store candle lighter
The Container Store

9. Black Matte Usb Candle Lighter

Tell your candle-obsessed mom to say goodbye to matches and gift her this rechargeable lighter instead. With just one swipe it can light any wick, even those that are trimmed a bit too conservatively. The lighter has about an hour and a half of juice, until it needs to be recharged it again.

random but useful gifts the container store the bloody mary tree
The Container Store

10. The Bloody Mary Tree

Don’t you hate having to juggle a full plate of goodies and a drink at a party? Really, you should be able to enjoy your cocktail and apps at the same time. This garnish pick can hold six appetizers and makes a great gift for the host or bartender in your life.

random but useful gifts the container store lotion saver bottle couplers
The Container Store

11. Lotion Saver Bottle Couplers

Your skincare loving bestie can finally get the most out of their products with this handy find. Screw on the cap and watch every drop of your fave moisturizer, lotion or conditioner transfer into a new bottle.

random but useful gifts the container store beard buddy shaving apron
The Container Store

12. Beard Buddy Shaving Apron

Does mom keep complaining that dad leaves his beard hair all over the sink? This beard apron keeps all the trimmings in one place. He can just fasten it around his neck, secure it on the mirror and shave away. Once he’s done, all that hair can easily be tossed in the trash. P.S. It also comes with a travel bag so he can neatly groom on-the-go.

random but useful gifts the container store microegg microwave egg maker
The Container Store

13. Casabella Microegg Microwave Egg Maker

No stove? No problem. This egg maker can cook a fried egg with three easy steps. Just add the egg, close tightly and pop it in the microwave for about 25 seconds (or more, depending on the type of egg you’re going for). Surprise the college student or frequent traveler who considers breakfast to be a hot mug of coffee—and nothing else.

random but useful gifts the container store led smart motion sensor light
The Container Store

14. Led Smart Motion Sensor Light Plus

This rechargeable sensor light works in any room in the house. Gift it to a new homeowner and they’ll love that the motion sensor design instantly turns on—no switch or a press of a button needed. It’s ideal for dark nookss (aka hallways, closets, etc) and can easily turn into a flashlight, for a closer look.

random but useful gifts the container store bacon bin grease keeper
The Container Store

15. Bacon Bin Grease Keeper

Bacon lovers will enjoy a chance to store or throw out any bacon grease—thanks to this cute canister that will make breakfast ten times easier. Keep it next to the stove and pour leftover fat directly in this container, then let it collect in the little ‘ole piggy. And while grease gathers on the bottom, any remaining bacon bits will linger at the top, so you can reuse them for any meal.

random but useful gifts the container store multi power led magnifier
The Container Store

16. Multi Power Led Magnifier

When grandpa loses his glasses (again), gift him a magnifier to help make reading a little easier. Whether it’s a book, menu or the cable bill, this small tool has 2.5x, 5x and 6x lenses to help him read all the fine print (until he realizes his glasses are sitting right on his head).

random but useful gifts the container store karaoke bluetooth microphone
The Container Store

17. Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

Surprise your niece or nephew with a brand-new wireless karaoke microphone to bring on road trips, birthday partys and Friday night sleepovers. It quickly connects to a phone or computer, so they can unleash their inner Elsa.

random but useful gifts the container store jarkey
The Container Store

18. Jarkey

No one should break a sweat trying to open a jar of pickles when this brilliant tool exists. The JarKey makes it easier to open any tight jars without the mess or unwanted workout. It comes in different colors, so we suggest dropping one in everyone’s stocking this year.

random but useful gifts the container store guard your id privacy roller
The Container Store

19. Guard Your Id Privacy Roller

This roller covers any private information in just one swipe. Gift it to your brother who just started a new business or your dad who’s super security-conscious. It can cover personal deets with one inch of black ink. It works on regular junk mail, cardboard or any curved surfaces.

random but useful gifts the container store pantry labels
The Container Store

20. The Home Edit Pantry Labels

After binge-watching Get Organized with the Home Edit, Aunt Janice has been eyeing their popular labels. So, assist her in organizing the pantry bins with a little help from Clea’s perfect handwriting (without the cost of hiring her team!). From cereal to sweets, there are 18 labels to choose from. (Plus, you can find labels for the closet, bathroom and the fridge, too.)

random but useful gifts the container store lick lick pad
The Container Store

21. Lick Lick Pad

Consider this a gift that will make bath time even more enjoyable for Sushi. Attach this mat to the wall, apply some peanut butter and watch as he licks away. Your doggo will be so distracted by their treat, they won’t even notice they’ve been wash, dried and had their nails trimmed.

random but useful gifts the container store diamond dazzle stick
The Container Store

22. Diamond Dazzle Stick

Teach your little sister how to clean up her jewels without breaking the bank. This easy-to-use cleanser brush will make her diamonds look brand spanking new after just a few minutes. The polishing gel gently removes dirt, so her engagement ring will shine like the day she got it.

random but useful gifts the container store heatable pocket pals
The Container Store

23. Heatable Pocket Pals

Hand warmers have never looked cuter. Brighten up your kiddo’s next snow day with an adorable plush avocado. This 2-in-1 pal can be popped in the microwave to stay warm or left in the freezer to soothe minor aches.

random but useful gifts the container store purse light
The Container Store

24. Lotta Lite Leopard Purse Light

This one’s for the friend that has everything in their bag…but can’t find anything when they actually need it. Clip the little light on a handbag, book bag or recyclable tote and watch it illuminate for 60 seconds before shutting off. No bag? No problem. It can be used to add a little light to any closet or kitchen drawer.

random but useful gifts the container store wfh survival kit
The Container Store

25. Work From Home Survival Kit

Treat your team to a WFH survival kit that they’ll actually use. It comes with all the essentials they need to turn any living room or kitchen into a functioning and fun workspace. The kit includes earplugs, phone stand, desk yoga guide, fidget cube, screen cloth, “do not disturb” sign, conference call bingo card, webcam cover and pajamas/pants flip coin.

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