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As far as early morning tasks go, ironing clothes is right up there with shaving our legs and making the bed. We know we should, but ugh. It’s so much effort to exert at such an early hour. 

So when one of our colleagues told us about the PurSteam Steamer, we didn’t even wait five minutes before ordering one for ourselves. (At less than $20, it was a pretty low-risk purchase.) And we’re honestly not exaggerating when we say that it has changed our mornings.

Coming in at just under nine inches tall, this steamer is small but mighty. It heats up in less than a minute, works on all fabrics from silk and satin to wool and embroidery and includes an auto-shutoff feature. The round nozzle won’t leak and is easy to use, distributing steam evenly to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles. Plus, it has nearly 8,000 reviewers who agree: Steamers are a game-changer.

You know those people who just look more put-together? They probably have this steamer to thank. Get ready to be the best-dressed version of yourself.


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