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pumpkin lanterns 921
Southern Living; Photography: Laurey Glenn

One of the very best parts of fall is getting to decorate with pumpkins. We can all agree on this, yes? 

And guys, we’ve found the best rendition ever: Meet the “pumpkin hurricane.” 

We came across the fabulous DIY on Southern Living and are suddenly feeling inspired to drum up a fall dinner party. Essentially a hurricane lantern placed halfway inside of a pumpkin, we like to think of these creations as sophisticated jack-o’-lanterns...for grown-up ladies. 

Whether sitting on a front porch, illuminating a garden path or providing a focal point on a fall tablescape, seasonal decor really doesn’t get much simpler, or chicer for that matter. 

Here’s how to make your own this weekend: 

Step 1: Buy several short, squat heirloom pumpkins (the streakier and more colorful, the better). 

Step 2: Trace the circular base of a glass vase or hurricane around the pumpkin stem. 

Step 3: Carefully hollow out a cylindrical column. 

Step 4: Place the glass vase inside, followed by a pillar candle of your choice. 

Step 5: Light a match and enjoy the magic. 

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