Always Wanted a Cutting Garden? This Starter Kit Makes It Easy

What’s bucolic bliss? Why, a gorgeous cutting garden that yields fresh, handpicked floral arrangements, of course. The problem? Erm, we haven’t much clue what to plant or, honestly, where to even start. 

Enter organic bedding brand Plover’s new cutting garden collection. The Seattle-based company cleverly noticed that starting one’s own flower patch is an intimidating prospect—and responded by whipping up five gorgeous, garden-in-a-box kits to simplify the process.

Included? Extra detailed instructions on where, how and when to plant the different flowers in your garden, and a curated mix of tubers and seeds for six to seven flower varieties—all of which were selected because they bloom at the same time and look beautiful together in a vase.

Peep the five collections below and tell us you’re not inspired, too.

Photo: Shelby Eaton; Courtesy of Plover


We’re in love with this palette of cream, blush, butter yellow and pale lime.

Photo: Shelby Eaton; Courtesy of Plover

‘ice Blue’

Larkspur? Blue bayou dahlia? Swoon.

Photo: Shelby Eaton; Courtesy of Plover

‘lipstick On A Goth Girl’

How dreamy are these drooping emerald tassels?

Buy (from $17)

Photo: Shelby Eaton; Courtesy of Plover

‘wine And Roses’

True story: We’ve never met a cosmos mix we didn’t like.

Photo: Shelby Eaton; Courtesy of Plover

‘victorian Christmas’

The best part about this one? The heady scent of the flowering tobacco.

Buy (from $25)

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