The Newest Wall Trend Has Serious Dimension

Want a home with depth, luminosity and major panache? Friends, acquaint thineselves with the chicest wall trend du jour: Plaster (and plaster-like) finishes.

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Courtesy of Jess Cooney

The Scoop

Plaster, of course, is nothing new. It’s old as dirt, and essentially is dirt. Most old-school plaster types—like Clay, Gypsum and Venetian—are hearty pastes made of crushed stone, sand and other natural materials, which are then applied to a wall with a trowel. While pricier than your standard paint job, the finished product lasts forever and looks amazing: “[Plaster] is something of a bridge between rusticity and more minimal, modern spaces—and it’s having a lovely renaissance in interiors,” says designer Jess Cooney. “It’s a fantastic way to add warmth, interest and depth of character in an area where that may be lacking.”

The Update

We’ve been noticing these rich wall treatments all over the place, from star chef Athena Calderone’s incredible townhouse reno to designer and blogger Nicole Cole’s gorgeous bedroom reveal (pictured above). Why now? Well, because “neo plasters” have gotten really good lately. Companies like Kalklitir, Romabio and Portola all sell easy application “plaster finishes,” which can be applied like paints, making it simpler, faster and more affordable to achieve the look.

Architectural interest made easy? Color us #intoit.

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