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This Pill Could Help Your Dog Live Longer

Your pup is basically your third child. He gets the best food, the best bed and, let’s face it, you’re this close from dressing him up in adorable clothes. Oh, wait…you already do that.

So what if we told you that science is making strides to help your precious pooch live longer? 

Nope, it’s not a magical fountain of pet youth. A pill used to treat cancer in humans is now being tested for longevity in dogs. It’s called rapamycin, and the dogs it’s being given to are more active after taking the pill and seem to be living longer.

According to multiple studies, the “miracle pill” showed significant results in mice, who lived 25 percent longer on average after taking rapamycin.

For now, scientists are still testing the drug on dogs through the Dog Aging Project in Seattle, and it may be years before any canine research is ready for publication. However, it’s comforting to know there’s a chance our four-legged friends could walk this earth with us for even just a little bit longer.

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