11 Pet Tech Products You Never Knew You Needed

It seems no industry is exempt from tech innovations—including the world of pets. Tons of new high-tech gadgets are available to help make parenting your fur baby simpler, easier and better. While you may think you’ve already got a good system going, we say it might be time for an upgrade, so keep reading to make sure you’re not missing out on these 11 pet tech products you never knew you needed.

mobi pet wifi camera

Mobi Pet Smart Wi-fi Camera And Monitoring System

Keeping tabs on your pet has never been easier. This camera system is especially handy if you go to work all day and want to make sure things are going smoothly at home. Download the app to talk and listen from anywhere.

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catit fresh water fountain

Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Fountain

Fresh water is essential for dogs and cats to stay healthy and hydrated. Cats often need more encouragement than pups when it comes to drinking, and this entertaining fountain ensures they’ve got clean water at all times. It’s also stainless steel, which is the preferred material for food and water dishes because it isn’t hospitable to bacteria.

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automatic pet feeder

Petsafe Six-meal Automatic Feeder

Have to stay at work late? Don’t worry about your dog or cat going hungry. This automatic feeder allows you to schedule up to six pre-portioned meals of dry food to be dispensed at the time you choose. Plus, the bowl and tray carousel are dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze.

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petsafe smart pet feeder

Petsafe Smart Feed Wi-fi Enabled Pet Feeder

If you’ve got what PetSafe calls an “eager eater,” it may be wise to invest in a feeder that automatically delivers food in a slower stream rather than all at once. You can even program it to deliver snacks throughout the day instead of one large helping at mealtime.

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petsafe digital two meal feeder

Petsafe Digital Two-meal Feeder

Noticing a pattern? Mealtimes are hard for busy folks. If you’re going to be out all day and want to make sure your cat gets breakfast and dinner, program this feeder to open at specific times. Your cat will miss you but not her precious food.

BUY NOW ($50)

petcube camera

Petcube Play Pet Camera With Interactive Laser Toy

This compact pet cam lets you monitor your dog or cat right from your smartphone. It has a super-clear 1080p HD video display, two-way audio so you can hear and talk to your pet, and a built-in laser toy that will keep him occupied until you get home. Don’t worry, the laser is certified safe for pets and humans.

BUY NOW ($199)

bluefrog tracking collar

Blue Frog Track N Guard Dog Collar

Microchipping is great, but it only works if your lost dog is picked up by a facility with the capability to scan it. This collar, on the other hand, alerts anyone who finds your lost pup to visit a website and enter the ID number on the collar to automatically send a text to the owner’s phone. The text alerts you (the owner) where your dog is, so you can pick him up ASAP.

BUY NOW ($20)

automatic ball thrower and launcher for dogs

Moaere Automatic Ball Thrower

Just because you have tendinitis doesn’t mean your dog wants to stop playing fetch. Keep her occupied with this automatic ball launcher that tosses a ball 10, 20 or 30 feet away so she can chase it. Pro tip: Teach her to drop the ball back into the top of the launcher for continued play time.

BUY NOW ($125)

electronic mouse toy

Penn Plax Hide-and-seek Electronic Mouse Toy

Bring out your cat’s inner lion by indulging his hunting instinct with this electronic mouse toy. The mouse moves around the device randomly at either a slow or fast speed (depending on the setting you choose). These tangible toys are often healthier for cats than say, lasers, which can cause frustration.

BUY NOW ($11)

pet zone smart scoop litter box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

You love your cat, but you hate scooping out his box...until now. An automatic litter box does the grunt work for you, so all you have to do is take out the waste. Your cat will thank you for “remembering” to scoop more frequently, and you’ll thank yourself for a smart purchase.

BUY NOW ($100)

ultrasonic bark deterrent

First Alert Bark Genie Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

Barking is great if you have an intruder, but not so great at a casual backyard barbecue. Teach your dog to take it easy on the barking with this automatic deterrent. It releases an ultrasonic sound wave that humans can’t detect but bothers dogs enough that they quit making noise. It’s a safe, harmless alternative to a bark collar.

BUY NOW ($40)

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