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We love having guests over for a good old-fashioned house party. The frantic running around town to get everything ready…not so much. Which is why we were stoked to discover how easy it is to order the whole thing out. Follow our foolproof plan and your guests will be toasting your hostess skills—and you won’t have so much as a dish to wash.

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man making french 75 cocktails
Sourced Craft Cocktails

Get craft cocktails delivered

No one wants to just grab a cold beer or have another glass of wine—everyone does that at home already. So to have something special at your party without learning anything about mixology, ask Sourced Craft Cocktails to serve one of its curated menus (we’re partial to the “bubbles bar,” in which dry prosecco plus fresh fruit lets guests customize any of four cocktails).

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lady and larder farmers market crudite and hummus plate
Lady and Larder

Order Noshables That Aren’t Chintzy

Step away from the Ralphs supermarket veggie trays and step up your game with a platter from Lady and the Larder, which sources its veggies from the Santa Monica Farmers Market (just like all the top chefs do). Choose among the hummus-and-veggies combo, the all-fruit board and the cheese and cured meats spread.

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table and teaspoon decor rental place setting
Table and Teaspoon

Show Off Someone Else’s Fine China

Maybe this is just us, but the last time we had a matched set of plates and utensils was…the first week after we purchased new plates and utensils. Which was two years ago. So we’re just clicking on Table and Teaspoon, the table decor rental service that lets you choose among seven table settings (including table runners, silverware, napkins), then sends you the whole kit and caboodle for as many people as you need. Then you just ship back the soiled items afterward, no dishwashing required.

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sugarfish sushi delivery bento box

Order Out the World’s Cutest Sushi

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa not only delivers via the DoorDash app, it comes in the cutest little bento box that explains what every piece is. Which you’ll need, since you didn’t even think about your order—you can’t go wrong with a few of the chef’s special “Trust Me” collections.

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uber eats ice cream bar delivery

Call in an ice cream bar (and don't forget toppings)

Don’t forget dessert—specifically, all the fixin’s for an ice cream sundae party. We like Ubereats as the delivery system of choice for Sweet Rose Creamery, the family-owned Santa Monica-based ice-cream maker that’s got locations all over town, which means one close to you. (Which also means chocolate-covered bananas and bags of sprinkles and seasonal flavors like sweet potato swirl with sesame brittle and dairy-free tangerine sorbet.)

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