8 Reasons Painting a Ceiling Will Change Your House

The seasons are changing, and you've got an itch to redecorate. Except for that tiny hiccup of moving furniture and spending oodles of money. For an easy, cheap way to shake things up at home, have you ever thought of slapping a coat of paint...on your ceiling? Here, a little inspiration for every room in your house.

The Kitchen

The high gloss really shows off the beadboard.

The Dining Room

And a neutral metallic balances a more conservative wall tone.

The Bedroom

Extend color down to the wainscoting for extra effect.

Jigsaw Design

The Bathroom

Bonus points if you pick up flowers to match.

The Decorista

The Living Room

Cool blues go best with your antique bronze pieces.

The Hallway

Come into our life, awesome recessed lighting.

The Pantry

Also: unending supply of Pellegrino.

The Porch

But BRB, we’re moving to Hill Country.