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So you just graduated from college and have dreams of moving to NYC to pursue your dreams, get away from your parents or both. Cool, just don't expect to live in a Sex and the City-style penthouse for a long, long time. 

Estimating the starting salaries for the top 20 most popular majors, the real estate site StreetEasy created a map identifying neighborhoods where people with those majors are most likely find affordable units to rent. 

The results are disappointing, if not surprising. The recent grads with the highest projected starting salaries are engineers ($58,670), but even they will have trouble living without at least one roommate. That's because the average monthly rent for a studio in NYC is an outrageous $2,500. 

So maybe it's true that if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, but don't expect to "make it" without at least one semi-creepy girl you found on Craigslist who has a pet iguana in the room next door.

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