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You remember the Seinfeld episode: It’s the one when George Costanza decides to skip out on the workday by altering his desk so there’s enough room beneath it to enjoy a comfy nap. Now, thanks to NL Studio in Greece, this nine-to-five fantasy is a reality.

Meet the convertible desk bed, a mod-looking workspace that can be transformed into a mattress for late nights at the office or anytime you’re struggling to beat that 3 p.m. slump. 

All you do to set it up is rotate the movable panels—including a side that can be angled back to create a slope-turned-headrest—and voilà! Your covert desk bed is made. There’s even a space carved out by your feet to prop up a flat screen—or iPad—so you can doze to your favorite Netflix show. (Hey, you knew those wireless headphones would come in handy at some point.) 

The bad news: Right now, the desk is only in prototype form, but it won a pretty major design award, so fingers crossed it will be available for purchase soon.

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