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Nicole Gibbons

Meet the interior designer who believes style is all about buying what you love

An interior designer, TV personality, blogger and self-described “decorating BFF,” Nicole Gibbons has one goal: to inspire others to design a home and life they love. “There’s no better feeling than walking through your front door into a beautiful home that makes you happy,” she explains. Her interior work largely focuses on both residential and commercial spaces, but she turns to her blog, Nicole Gibbons Style, to share ideas and tips for everyday folks to live beautifully.

On her perfect day in New York. “I love shopping for gorgeous blooms at the New York City flower market. They have an incredible, super fresh selection and always make my home feel more vibrant. When the weather is warm, I can never get enough of Central Park. Also, weekend brunch is like a New York City pastime. It makes for a great excuse to catch up with friends. My favorite is Sweet Chick on the Lower East Side. The chicken and waffles and spiked lemonade is the best!”

On how she stays afloat on the busiest day ever. “I use two apps: Fantastical and Calendly to manage my calendar more efficiently. I also use an app called Bear to make daily to-do lists and keep track of important tasks. Still, the best thing I’ve done to stay organized is hiring a virtual assistant through a service called Zirtual. It allows me to delegate time-consuming items that usually bog me down so that I can focus on the bigger picture.”

On her favorite photo-editing apps. “I like Snapseed for basic editing like cropping and color corrections. For filters, I prefer bright, vibrant color, so lately I’ve been using an app called A Color Story. Their ‘everyday’ filter is a must. It brightens up photos just slightly and makes the colors a little bit punchier without looking overly filtered.”

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “Trust your gut. Your instincts are usually always right, and I’ve found that this simple tip can apply to almost any situation, whether it’s business, relationships or life in general. It’s also great advice for decorating. I don’t believe in design rules: Just buy what you love and go with your gut.”