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Truth talk: Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is damn hard. But this year? We’re setting ourself up for success with the help of Bryce Kennedy, master of the art and founder of Boom Feng Shui. Gals, here’s how to accomplish your goals…by rearranging your home decor.

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Resolution: Find A New Job

Clear all the entranceways to the home, and especially to the bedroom. When an entrance is blocked, it signals to the world, and subconsciously to yourself, that you are hiding and are not in fact ready for that fab new gig. Move any objects or barriers that are blocking passageways pronto, and rejoice when that second interview request comes through.


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Resolution: Get In Shape

First, put your workout gear in a super-accessible place. (Think: the top drawer in your dresser, or even out on display in a spot of honor.) You want to see it, feel it and be reminded of what you should be doing for your body. Second, get rid of any clothes that root you in the past and hold onto bad or shameful energy. (Looking at you, “three-sizes-too-small jeans.”)

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Resolution: Eat Healthier

Get rid of all those old, stale foods, spices, pots, pans, glasses and dishes. If your kitchen is a mess of useless objects, it blocks any chance of starting a new, healthy-eating path. And another thing: commit to a dining table. Eating on the couch, hunched over, while mindlessly sucking food down is dishonoring yourself...and your pad thai.


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Resolution: Stop Procrastinating

When it comes to your workspace (whether that’s your desk or your sofa), remove as much as possible from your line of sight. (That means your phone too!) The absolute best way to deal with procrastination is to create an environment where nothing can distract you: No toys, trinkets, papers, books, phone, social media, etc. Kennedy insists you’ll be amazed at how much this frees up your brain space.

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Resolution: Meet New People

A wacky one, we know, but clean the corners of your home. Corners hold a lot of stagnant energy, says Kennedy, and block “flow.” So vacuum, dust and scrub those suckers, and don't forget to remove any piles of papers, books or junk that’s been tossed there. After this is done, you’ll feel much more ready to get out in the world and open yourself up to new people.


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Resolution: Save Money

Take a written inventory of everything you have: Clothes, furniture, shoes, food, household items, electronics, art, bedding, etc. This will help you get a good perspective on your finances and realize that you kinda don’t need more stuff. See everything and you'll want nothing.

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Resolution: Get More Sleep

Clean underneath your bed, declutter your nightstand and buy new sheets. Specifically make sure there’s nothing in your line of vision that’s stressing you out (looking at you, leaning tower of work papers) and that your sheets—which subconsciously impact your sleep and feelings of self-worth—feel absolutely amazing.


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Resolution: Read More

First off: No TV in the bedroom. We repeat, NO TV IN THE BEDROOM. According to Kennedy, having an electronics-free sanctuary is the best way to jump-start your intellectual curiosity. And as for reading material, surround yourself with stuff you’re actually inclined to pick up, even if means putting your War and Peace aspirations on hold.

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Resolution: Find Love

Far too often, the bedroom is the most neglected place (hi, “that chair”), but in terms of bringing in love, it’s the magic-maker. If your room is pale, plain and drab, make it regal and powerful. Kennedy suggests being as wild and free with your decor as possible. Most people worry that this will turn their potential suitor off, but in actuality, it draws people closer. (Confidence = sex appeal, remember?) And another thing: Get rid of stuff that came from exes. That’s old energy that signals that you're not ready to move on.

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Resolution: Have Better Sex

A few things: First, paint the walls. Being surrounded by a spicy, sexy color can change the feel of the entire room. Next? Get rid of any pictures of family in the bedroom (you don't want them seeing any of the, erm, business going down). Next, physically clean the room. Nothing dampens sex like a pile of dirty laundry. And finally, beware of old rugs. Rugs are heavy energy that can make a space feel like grandma’s house. The immediate bedroom area should be pure so it can get...well, dirty.

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Resolution: Start A New Passion Project

Claim and decorate a new space in your home. Don't be afraid to totally repurpose a room (are you really using that guest bedroom, anyway?) and when you start using it, be creative. Post things on the wall, have a marker board, let it be a laboratory for experimention fueled by visual cues.

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