9 Things from Target That Look Really Expensive (but Totally Aren’t)

Ladies, beware: Target isn’t just for toilet tissue anymore. Nope, and fortunately for our wallets, this mega-retailer has managed to completely slay the affordable-but-looks-expensive game this season. Here are our favorite purchases that we just know you’ll love, too.

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Magnificent Mules

Who needs Gucci when you have Tarzhay?

Merona ($23)


Modern Lounge Chair

Someone is gonna be sittin’ pretty. Real pretty.

Modern by Dwell Magazine ($125)


Super-Soft Scarf

We hate to get all “wrapped up” in winter wear too early, but we can’t resist.

A New Day ($17)


Retro Rug

Because when you spend $200 vs. $2,000, you are a little less likely to lose your shit when it gets dirty. (We said a little. Don’t get crazy). 

Project 62 ($200)


Trendy Watch

Isn’t it about time you added a millennial pink one to your collection?

Xhilaration ($15)


Regal Robe

This luxurious loungewear is both extremely soft and totally on trend.

Gilligan & O’Malley ($28)


Fierce Frame

Champagne vibes on a beer budget. Cheers!

Threshold ($15)


Splendid Silverware

Except less silver, more rose gold.

Threshold ($20)


Marbled Monogram

We know the Dallas woman loves a good monogram. And this requires no work.

RoseanneBECK ($13)

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