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Monica Lavin

Meet the professor turned lifestyle blogger with a passion for gorgeous entryways

One look at Monica Lavin’s beautifully curated blog and Instagram handle, and you’d probably guess she’s been doing this lifestyle content-creation thing forever. But up until recently, she spent her days as an adjunct professor in instructional technology at the College of Charleston. And before that, she worked for a totally little-known organization called NASA (brushes shoulders off)

Why the complete 180? Because Monica soon realized her deep knowledge of emerging tech and social influence could actually be funneled into innovative storytelling around her true passions: design, travel and entertaining. Take a page from this brainy southern belle who took a leap and followed her heart.

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On what inspires her most. "I absolutely love to travel, and when I explore new places, I love to walk around the neighborhoods. I have a hashtag #artoftheentry where I showcase various entries of homes to give followers a sense of style + community. This truly inspires me."

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On how she keeps a level head. "Make things easy—don't fuss over the small stuff."

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On why she chose this path. "I have a background in technology through my work at NASA and the College of Charleston. I wanted to leverage social media and blogging to create a lifestyle brand that resonates with women. Lavin Label is a full-time business."