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This Storage Cart Is So Genius, Were Mad We Didnt Think of It

There’s easy-to-hide clutter, and then there’s annoying clutter—aka totally necessary objects that we need every day, but have yet to find a place to store them that isn’t equally annoying to get to. Sigh. If only our homes could look as uncluttered as Joanna Gaines’s. 

Well, we’re definitely no Jojo, but we did just find a teeny-tiny storage shelf on Amazon Prime that keeps all those things out of sight, and right at your fingertips when you need them (which is actually all the time).

While you may not want to put your fabric softener or canned goods on display, you can tuck them conveniently away on this three-tiered cart. Wheels and a miniscule five-inch width make it easy to slide in and out of tiny spaces (like in between the fridge and the counter or sandwiched between the washer and dryer), so you can finally relish in HGTV-worthy tidiness.

Buy It ($27)

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