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Today in Annoying News: Study Shows Men Care More About Cleaning but Do Less of It

Like dropping the kids at soccer practice and sharing the remote control, household chores should, in theory, be an even-Stephen split between a couple. Sadly, a brand-new study is here to confirm your suspicions that, yes, your husband is in fact cleaning far less often than you are, and yes (this is the real kicker), he’s also doing more whining about the mess.

Conducted by cleaning supplies giant Kärcher, the global survey polled 6,075 individuals on their cleaning habits and beliefs, and found that when it comes to getting the job done, women spend over an hour a week longer cleaning than men do (3 hours, 57 minutes for women versus 2 hours, 41 minutes for men). Yet despite this, men have considerably higher expectations than women do when it comes to the standards of household hygiene: Three in four males (74 percent) find it “very important” for their home to be clean compared with only 64 percent of females. Ain’t that a doozy?

The next time your hubby remarks on the less-than-pristine state of the kitchen, kindly remind him that he's of able mind and body, and that the year is 2017.

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