Peek Inside Our Own Editor-in-Chief's Stylish New Digs

Our new Manhattan headquarters boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, sweeping views across the skyline and Hudson River and oh, yeah—all the “character features” of an office building. Read: fluorescent lighting and an uninspiring palette. For our editor-in-chief Mary Kate McGrath’s quarters, a healthy injection of color and comfort were the order of the hour.

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The Makeover

Velvety, jewel-tone heaven, no? On the furniture front, we partnered with Article, whose clean, mid-century-inspired pieces strike the loveliest balance of office-appropriate and fashion-forward. With the guidance of interior designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks of Hyphen & Co., Mary Kate selected roomy, low-slung velvet lounge chairs and white marble accent tables—and shunned the traditional conference table format. “I host a lot of meetings, and I find they get a lot more personal and a lot more meaningful when people are comfortable,” says McGrath.  “Plus, everyone looks better against luxe green velvet.”

To keep sightlines to her skyline views airy and open, Mary Kate customized a pure white adjustable desk by Nookdesk, which she paired with a matte white Article desk chair. Of course, the considerations for a standing desk were twofold: “Someone smarter than I said it helps your health to use one,” she said. “And I haven’t seen the inside of a gym for like 900 years—is Zumba still cool?”

Those aformentioned overhead fluorescents are now rarely in use, thanks to a handful of gorgeous brass accent lighting from Article, and a minimalist curation of books, plants and metallic desk supplies round out the scene. The finished effect? A calm, colorful and extremely comfortable office space that Mary Kate has a hard time keeping to herself these days. “People stop when they’re walking by to ask where the chairs are from,” she says. “I’m a happier human with them in my life…and I was pretty happy before.”

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