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Let’s be honest: For most of us, spring cleaning is not the highlight of the season. (Mint juleps are, but that’s another story.) But what if your cleaning supplies actually made you smile? 

Whatever your personal style, there are effective, great-smelling, and--hello--chic products to match your vibe. Whether you’re a minimalist or totally traditional, here are spring-cleaning products to match your style.

Cleaning Femme 1105x543

If Your Style Is Feminine

Your home is already decked out with the finer things, so class up your kitchen with French dish soap in a sophisticated cypress scent. While you’re at it, splurge on a soap-and-lotion tray set for the guest bath. And line up cloth-lined baskets in your closet so lingerie and dry cleaning aren't mixed in with the laundry. Swipe your tablescape with a feather duster (because how lush is that?). Voilà! You’ve just mastered the French art of tidying up!

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Cleaning Traditional 1105x543

If Your Style Is Traditional

You like things classic, comfortable and want nothing too crazy in your house, including your cleaning products. But you need an upgrade from the same old harsh pine-scented bleach cleaners. (It’s a home, not a hospital.) Perhaps something nice-smelling to help you get the dog hair off the upholstery (like fig and cranberry scents, in this case). And maybe a handsome broom that isn’t made of plastic. Then update to a microfiber mop  (since it’s more sanitary than the old cotton kind) and invest in an in-sink bin to keep the Waterford from chipping.

Cleaning Minimal 1105x543

If Your Style Is Minimalist

Every item in your home is über-curated. So even the broom and dustpans should be functional without being eyesores. You’ll want to swap out harsh chemical cleaners, and invest in a cordless vacuum that belongs in a Museum of Contemporary Art exhibit. Oh, and stash a matched set of baskets under a table to corral any clutter--out of sight but still tidy.

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Bohemian 1105x543

If Your Style is Bohemian

You love mismatched patterns, color and maybe even a little bit of clutter. So why shouldn't your cleaning regimen be all about exuberance, too? You're getting over the doldrums of cleaning by pulling on some bright flowered rubber gloves and adding a few drops of peppermint oil (a natural disinfecant) to our sponge when you wipe down your kitchen. Since you love to cook over open flame, you're tackling the built-up gunk on your grill with a specially crafted wooden scraper, then throwing your cooking implements into the dishwasher with fresh-smelling lemon-mint detergent.

Rustic 1105x543

If Your Style is Rustic

Nothing better than curling up on a well-worn leather sofa in front of a roaring fire, right? Except not if there's soot all over the woodwork and muddy tracks on the carpet from your dog/kids/husband/lazy self. Well, make home maintenance easy on yourself--just swipe a few towelettes over your wood, and whisk the filth away from your fireplace with a stiff brush. While you're at it, make your leather supple-shiny again with a spray of leather cleaner. And that messy carpet?  A high-powered little steam cleaner canister is an easy-to-use and portable way to cover your tracks.