6 Things We’re Totally Eyeing from the Brand-New Madewell x Parachute Collab

Fact: We love Madewell’s stylish and accessible basics and, since so much of life is spent in bed, we definitely believe in investing in Parachute’s luxurious bedding. Now, both retailers have joined forces and dropped the capsule collection of our literal dreams.

Today, Madewell x Parachute debuted their bedding and sleepwear essentials collection, which features both brands’ breezy, natural fabrics and flea market-inspired style. This isn’t the first time they’ve teamed up (they released another collaboration in 2018 that was a massive success). But, it’s the first collection they’ve introduced while most of us are hunkered down at home and spending a lot of time in pajamas. So, without further ado, here are six items from the collection we have our eye on.

madewell x parachute

1. Stitched Duvet Cover Set

This fresh take on a minimalist duvet adds a tiny pop of color and is crafted from super soft and breathable fabric.

madewell x parachute

2. Denim Dog Bed

Does our dog need a plush designer denim bed? Well, no, but he deserves it. It also really goes with our décor.

BUY IT ($148)

madewell x parachute

3. Chambray Quilted Slippers

Some people get fully dressed to work from home, shoes and all. Our preference? You can’t go wrong with cozy quilted slippers.

BUY IT ($40)

madewell x parachute

4. Striped Oversized Pajama Shirt & Shorts

You know what goes well with chambray slippers? These gorgeous striped oversize pjs. We won’t tell if you don’t change out of them all day.

BUY IT ($55-$60) BUY IT ($42-$45)

madewell x parachute

5. Striped Cotton Sheet Set

Indulge in these cotton beauties for a night of incredible sleep (or lots of lounging).

BUY IT ( $178-$198)

madewell x parachute

6. Indigo Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar support, but make it aesthetically pleasing with denim-inspired indigo.

BUY IT ($68)