Rooftop Golf, Tequila Bar & a Waterslide: This Los Cabos Home Is the Ultimate Staycation Paradise

Over the past year, every room of our homes has served dual—or, in some cases, several—purposes: The bathroom is a spa, the living room is a movie theater and at-home gym, the dining room is a homework center. But one house in Los Cabos, Mexico, truly takes that concept of duality to the next level, featuring the kinds of amenities you’d normally expect from a five-star resort.

Known as Casa el Faro, the home spans a whopping 27,569 square feet, which includes a spa with its own meditation room, a yoga studio, two bars, a movie theater and a rooftop putting green. Oh, and it all happens to overlook the Sea of Cortez. And while we’re just a tiny bit envious we can’t call this epic home ours, we’re more than happy to take a mental vacation with a virtual tour of the space (while picking up a few design cues we can borrow for our own homes). Here, the eight most noteworthy features.

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Douglas Friedman

1. the Sea-inspired Color Palette

You might not live in a five-bedroom house—nor are you planning to build a custom home in Maravilla, the private community where Casa el Faro can be found—but there’s one design takeaway we can all attain: this vibrant color palette. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard was given the directive to create a home that felt modern but still captured the feel of Los Cabos, so he pulled colors straight from the hilltop home’s surroundings. Blue-green shades came from the ocean and sky, and beiges and earth tones were inspired by nearby rocks, which when combined, creates a soothing atmosphere that offsets the stark lines of the house.

Lawrence Bullard livened things up further with pops of contrasting color pulled from vintage Oaxacan blankets, making sure his neutrals had plenty of texture. Think linens, woven cotton and embroidered fabrics.

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Douglas Friedman

2. the Tequila Bar

Casa el Faro has two bars, an indoor one and an outdoor one, but it was the round, red tile table and coordinating light fixture and stools of the indoor drinking destination that really grabbed our attention. Oh, and the fact that it’s an ode to Mexico’s most famous distilled liquor. “The tequila bar seemed to me a necessary addition to the house. It is first and foremost an entertaining space and a holiday home,” Lawrence Bullard says. And honestly, is there a better way to entertain friends and family? (Even if, in these socially distant days, the only entertaining you’re doing is via Zoom.)

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3. the Mix Of Traditional And Modern Art

It’s hard to spot the TV in this room when it’s surrounded by such eye-catching art. Lawrence Bullard commissioned Voila! Creative Studio for select pieces of art throughout the house, and this room became one of his favorites. It pays homage to Frida Kahlo through a blend of early photography and modern portraits of the iconic Mexican artist.

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4. the Rooftop Putting Green

You don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate this view (but it may convince you to take up the sport…at least for an afternoon).

los cabos home tour screening room1

5. the Screening Room

One look at this cozy room, and movie theaters will be ruined for you. The red and black color scheme is pulled from the vintage Mexican movie posters adorning the walls, creating a chic space to unwind. Although we’re not sure we’d ever get up from the 16-foot-long custom sofas, which the designer says are “as deep and comfortable as beds.”

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6. the Indoor/outdoor Spaces

As you might imagine, indoor-outdoor living is a huge component of this home, and making the spaces flow from one to the next turned out to be Lawrence Bullard’s biggest design challenge. His solution? Adding fully upholstered outdoor furniture that blends easily with the polished indoor pieces. “Keeping colors the same and textures similar allows for this illusion and adds to a sense of luxury and spaciousness,” he adds.

los cabos home tour fire pit1

7. the Fire Pits

When you have ocean views like this, you need to make the most of them. Multiple outdoor fireplaces create easy spots to hang out, regardless of the weather. Psst: That painted ceiling—with a design that matches the color of the sea and the seats—is another smart way to extend the feeling of bringing the outdoors in and vice versa.

los cabos home tour water slide1

8. the Water Slide

With its clean lines and modern styling, the water slide looks like an extension of the house and not at all like something you’d see at an amusement park. Still, we’re convinced it’s every bit as fun to zip down.

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