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Want to stay happy and hassle-free in your rental? Then just remember to take care of a few small tasks, for your safety (rental insurance is cheap, yo) and sanity (bring your closet and cupboard to heel). Just do these things once a year and you’ll be so on top of your castle, queen.

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Clean Your AC Filters
It’s hot, the air is dusty and you’re counting on that window or wall unit to keep all that nonsense away from you. Be sure to keep your filter clean so that your air flow is more efficient (i.e., your electric bill is lower).

Keep Your Drains Open
It’s true for all of us: We don’t mean to shed, but we do. Especially when we bathe, so keep your pipes from clogging by using this natural vinegar-and-baking-soda-based trick rather than relying on your super to finally show up with a boatload of toxic chemicals.

Know Your Rights
High housing demand has led landlords to sell their buildings and evict even rent-controlled tenants before the end of their leases. Don’t let your landlord pull any funny business—download Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new guide for renters.

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Itemize Your Stuff
You’ll want a record with photos of your big-ticket electronics, jewelry and furniture so that in case of theft or damage, you’ll be able to file a comprehensive police report and insurance claim. Use this handy app, which makes the whole thing way less daunting.

Purge Your Closet
Remember that Kon-Mari craze that swept the nation? It’s still a good idea, and can be the best way to rediscover not only last summer’s cute outfit you totally forgot about but also space. So much space.

Keep Your Rental Insurance Current
For as little as $125 a year, you’ll be covered for personal possessions, liability protection and additional living expenses in case of a natural disaster. Call your auto insurer to see if you can get a deal on bundling the policies.

Change Your Fire Alarm Battery
Don’t depend on that beeping sound to tell you you’re running low on power for this life-saving protection—remember to pop in a new nine-volt battery in your birthday month. Happy birthday to our well-being!

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Gift Those Neighbors Some Brownies
Homemade sweets or a little box of fancy chocolates are the least you can do to make nice with the people next door, and a perfect way to insure they’re going to share any important neighborhood gossip intel. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become actual friends and they’ll watch your dog for a weekend.

Organize Your Cupboards
Get rid of those stale crackers, half-eaten bags of chips and that can of Clamato. Then separate your dry goods, soups and cooking oils into separate sections. Cooking will become a joy again. (Oh, and you’ll avoid a bug invasion. Gross.)

Do the Sniff Test
Have a trusted friend or family member over, ply them with a glass of wine and ask them honestly—does your house smell less than fresh? If so, try these new, easy ways to make your apartment smell great. Easy.

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