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The Laundry Tip That Will Save Your Marriage
pheigin/Getty Images

Nooooo! Your idiot husband—who, of course, you love dearly—just shrunk another one of your favorite sweaters by putting it in the dryer. This tip guarantees that the age-old annoying laundry dilemma will never happen again. 

What you need: Small (and laundry-safe) stick-on labels in a bright color. We like the ones from Emily Press.

What you do: Pull out all of your sweaters and jeans and tees and yoga pants—pretty much any garment that you prefer to be line-dried. Next, affix a bright sticker to the garment tag (you know, the one with the washing instructions) and turn the clothing inside out before you toss it in your laundry bin. 

Why this works: It’s all about giving your husband a visual cue. Whenever he sees a sticker, he’ll know: Under no circumstances should this item end up in the dryer. 

Yay, laundry genius. Your sweaters (and relationship) are officially saved.

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