24 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

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The only thing worse than showing up to a party empty-handed? Arriving with a gift that screams “I bought this at the gas station on the way over.” But if you forgot to pick up a thoughtful memento prior to your event or gift exchange, don’t fret. We schemed up 24 great last-minute gift ideas (that will arrive in no time) to help maintain your reputation as the most generous guest in your friend or family circle, including a gift card for the Sill and even online class memberships.

Where to Buy Last-Minute Gifts

The best place to get your last-minute gift really depends on just how little time you have left. If you have a couple of days, chances are you can order online with expedited shipping and be fine. If you have one day or less, look for retailers that have in-store pickup, same-day delivery or overnight shipping, such as Nordstrom, Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Madewell or Anthropologie. And if you’re working with less than one hour before go time, digital gift cards or subscription boxes are a thoughtful and instant gift option with no shipping required.

Our Top 5 Picks for Last-Minute Gifts at a Glance

1. Brooklinen Gift Card

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

Let them pick some new bathrobes or bedding by giving them a gift card for up to $500. This digital card will be delivered to their inbox directly, too, so there's no shipping required.

2. Trade Coffee Subscription

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

If your roommate has a habit of spending way too much money on lattes, surprise them with a coffee subscription. Trade Coffee offers a new coffee brand every month. As the gifter, you’ll be able to decide the type of coffee (whole versus ground), size of the bag (standard versus big) and how many bags you wish to purchase (one to six). Once your roomie gets their first subscription box, they’ll be excited to start trying over 450+ coffee selections from across the country.

3. Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment

  • Expedited Shipping Options: 1 and 2-day ground shipping ($12), 2-day air shipping cost ($20) and overnight air shipping ($49)

A gift from NYC's legendary bake shop, Levain Bakery, is just as sweet as the cookies themselves. No, seriously, they're some of the gooiest and chunkiest cookies around. Not only are they baked fresh daily and hand-packaged to ship nationwide, you can choose to send an assorted box of four, eight or 12 cookies all of which include their original flavors: chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip and oatmeal raisin. That's gift-giving at its finest.

4. The Sill Gift Card

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

Send this gift to a friend with a green thumb so they can add a few more plant babies to their family. And with no shipping required, you'll be sitting pretty.

5. Masterclass Membership

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

A membership for countless classes—from how to judge a good wine to learning to write for TV with Shonda Rhimes—is the gift that keeps on giving. They can choose whatever classes they're interested in and then brag to you about their new knowledge. BTW, since this is a fully digital gift with no shipping, they can access it by simply logging in.

6. Lovevery Subscription

  • Expedited Shipping Options: N/A

Did you forget to pick something up for your 3-year-old niece (who also has a baby brother)? They'll love this: A kid subscription that delivers stage-based play essentials for ages 0 through 4. Each play kit includes toys created by child development experts that are specifically designed for your child’s particular learning stage. For example, 3- to 4-month-olds are given the Charmer Play Kit, a set of 11 toys that help babies develop their motor skills, learn to make sounds and use multiple senses at once. For 40- to 42-month-olds, it’s the Storyteller Play Kit that helps kids build a positive association with reading and math through puzzles, problem-solving and imaginative play. Translation? That favorite aunt award is practically guaranteed.

7. Disney+ Membership

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

Send your resident Disney buff a year-long membership to the streaming platform so they can have access to all of their favorites, from animated Disney classics to Star Wars to Marvel.

8. Houdini Ice Sphere Tray

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Same-day delivery, 2-hour in-store pickup

Whether they put ice in their rosé (we aren’t ashamed to admit it) or prefer a whiskey on the rocks, this food-safe silicone ice tray will create four perfectly spherical cubes, which not only look fancy but also melt slower. And since these molds are soft, it’s also a breeze to pop the spheres out in mint condition.

9. Jade Leaf Matcha Traditional Starter Set

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Matcha isn’t just a drink; it’s a lifestyle. From the stainless steel sifter to the bamboo whisk, it's the type of present that will elicit immediate hugs and “thank you” shrieks from the matcha lover in your life.

10. The Mini Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

This is the perfect present for people who are always manning the bar. All eight of these small books are organized by base ingredient (whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, Champagne, sherry and amaro), so every cocktail possible can be shaken up—or stirred.

11. Audible Membership

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

If they're a bookworm, you can gift them up to a year-long subscription to Audible which will give them access to thousands of books.

12. I’ll Be There For You: Life According To Friends’ Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross & Monica

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Have they ever wondered which Friends character they are? Or what kind of dating advice Joey would give them? This book includes all that, along with tips for mastering the art of the comeback with Chandler, recipes from Monica and in-depth profiles of each of the characters. It's kind of like all six of the Friends are sitting in their living room with them. Could there be a better gift than that? (Buy a backup for yourself and thank us later.)

13. Fitbit Inspire 2

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Gym rats and mall walkers alike need a way to track their activity and this handy little bracelet will do just that and more. Grab them one of these before they sell out, and it will deliver in a jiffy.

14. KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Limiting screen time is tough when our phones also function as our cameras. Instead, gift an instant digital camera to the host of your celebration and watch guests have a blast taking photos the “old-fashioned” way. Everyone will go home with a memento from a fun night.

15. Goldbelly E-Gift Card

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Instant online delivery

Whether they're longing for a New York City babka or a Chicago deep-dish pizza, they can find whatever they're craving on Goldbelly and have it sent directly to their door. P.S. The digital gift card will be sent directly to their email.

16. Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

This simple gift is a caring gesture if you have someone who struggles with anxiety on your gift list since weighted blankets can help people feel more grounded and secure. Plus, you can choose from a variety of weights and colors.

17. HelloFresh Meal Delivery

  • Expedited Shipping Options: N/A

Have friends who aren't great at cooking? Send them their favorite dish in a prepped meal kit so they can learn step-by-step how to make it at home.

18. PowerXL Vortex Classic Air Fryer

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Same-day delivery, 2-hour in-store pickup

It’s scientifically proven that anyone who owns an air fryer will take at least ten minutes out of every day to wax poetic about their love for the handy kitchen device. From baked goods to healthy fried apps, frozen meats and fresh veggies, there’s pretty much nothing an air fryer can’t tackle. Grab one for your friend who’s always complaining about not having time to cook, and watch as they become a convert.

19. Highball & Chaser Elite Cocktail Shaker Set

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Gift the aspiring cocktail connoisseur this beginner’s drink-making set, which comes with an 18-ounce cocktail shaker, a laser engraved muddler, bar spoon, hawthorn strainer, jigger, bar knife and black bamboo stand.

20. Larcele Micro Building Blocks DIY Penguin Set

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Perfect for kids or adults who love puzzles and cute animals, this adorable 3D penguin brick set comes with 1,467 pieces. If penguins aren’t their jam, you can also get them a panda, a monkey or a cute white cat.

21. WOWOO Toilet Stool

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

It’s stylish, discrete and has rave reviews; once you gift this toilet stool to a friend or family member, there’s a good chance they’ll buy one for every bathroom in their house. Trust us–this is a present that everyone needs.

22. HEMOPLT Self-Watering Planter

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Great for plant people who take a lot of vacations, this self-watering planter will ensure that they never come home to a rescue scenario again. It comes with an outer and inner pot, and a specially designed cotton rope that absorbs water and nutrients from the outer pot to nourish the roots. There's also a built-in sensor that triggers an alarm whenever a plant lacks water, which serves as a handy reminder even when the plant parent is in town.

23. ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to keep any house smelling fresh and fragrant, so this 5-in-1 aromatherapy device makes a wonderful gift. Featuring a 300ml water tank, seven different LED light colors and multiple modes for mist timing, this beautiful diffuser will be the centerpiece of their living room, bedroom or bathroom in no time.

24. Mecrowd Laptop Backpack

  • Expedited Shipping Options: Prime delivery

A great gift for the workaholic whose 20-year-old briefcase is ripping at the seams, this vintage-inspired backpack is made of lightweight, tear-resistant Oxford fabric in three classic colors. It also fits a 15.6-inch laptop and is equipped to provide power on the go with a USB charging cable.

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