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So you’re remodeling your kitchen. Time to make some very important decisions. Granite countertops? Tile backsplash? Sixty thousand dollar custom oven range--wait what?

OK, hear us out: The La Cornue Grand Palais oven range is only $56,900. Still a number that might be a hair outside your entire kitchen renovation budget. But it’s definitely some fun culinary eye candy to dream about. 

Here’s why the price is so high: Considered the “crown jewel” of luxury kitchen appliances, the Grand Palais is not your average oven range. The six-foot appliance includes a vaulted natural convection gas oven (for all you bakers out there) and another vaulted electric oven. (Because of their radiant heat, they apparently cook things more evenly and much faster.) On top of all that, you have six cooktop ranges, two electric plates and a lava rock grill, which means you can burn things at much higher temperatures because lava.

All that cast iron, steel, solid brass and porcelain enamel glory is handmade in France. Oh, and it comes in 16 different colors. Totally worth at least $50K on its own, we say.

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