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If you’re anything like us, you’re a little slow on the uptake when it comes to seasonal decor. (Note to self: Remember to pack up the snowman saltshakers about six months earlier next year.) Before you go on thinking that there’s no point, check out these 11 products to get your kitchen looking bright and fresh. We have a feeling you might change your tune.

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anthropologie mussel platter

Quirky Platters That Add a Touch of Variety

Add in statement pieces here and there to break up the monotony of the same old rectangular glass serving dishes. These mussel platters can be used for just about anything, from holding olives and peanuts to being used as an alternative salt cellar.

patterned tablecloth

A Tablecloth That Grabs Attention

If there’s one guaranteed way to brighten up your kitchen, it’s by changing out the tablecloth. (You can only do so much with the countertops you’ve been dealt.) We personally love an out-of-the-box pattern, like this kaleidoscope design from La DoubleJ that will be an instant attention grabber.

Sponsored dial image

Hand Wash That Does More Than Just Clean

Spending a day grilling can make your hands feel anything but fresh. Combat stubborn food odors (we’re looking at you, shrimp skewers) with Dial Complete Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash, which is specifically formulated for kitchen use. Its antibacterial properties will kill 99.99 percent of common kitchen bacteria, and its bright citrus scent will leave your hands smelling great.

blue ramekins

Colored Ramekins That Show Off Your Recipes

Instead of baking your famous Brie dip in an ordinary white dish, opt for something with a little more oomph. These assorted ramekins by Judy Jackson Stoneware will do just the trick. Since they’re hand thrown and glazed, each set has a unique and modern look.

cheeky paper plates

Paper Plates That Are Anything But Boring

Using paper plates doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and these Whitney Port for Cheeky paper goods are exact proof of that. Whether you choose bright lemons, abstract patterns or pretty florals, one thing’s for certain: You might have trouble tossing them at the end of the day. (Into the recycling bin, of course.)

wooden cheeseboard

A Wooden Cheese Board That Replaces Marble

We love a good marble cheese board, but there’s something about them that’s starting to feel a little “been there, done that.” Instead, try a wooden board for a warm, natural look. This Connected Goods wild olive wood cheese cutting board would look good even without food (but… let’s not forget the cheese).

floral coasters

Rustic Coasters That People Will Actually Want to Use

Asking (or more like begging) someone to use a coaster is like asking someone to leave their shoes at the entryway. You just have to accept that it most likely won’t happen cheerfully.However, your guests will be fighting to use these wildflower coasters. Each one is pressed with natural botanicals and is one of a kind, so no two are exactly alike. Excuse us while we stare.

colored dishtowel

Dish Towels That You Won’t Mind Leaving Out

Sold in a set of six, these Sandira dish towels will look adorable hanging on your oven door. Two sets? Don’t mind if we do.

aerin williams sonoma wine chiller

A Wine Chiller That’s Pretty Enough to Stand Alone

Whether this Aerin x Williams Sonoma wine chiller keeps your favorite rosé chilled or not, we wouldn’t mind if it were on display. The timeless woven design and stainless steel make for the perfect combination. You should probably keep a close eye on this guy for fear that one of your guests may take it home as a parting gift.

green glassware

Colored Glassware That Makes a Simple Statement

This summer, switch out your classic clear glassware for a set that has just the slightest hint of color. We’re partial to Billy Cotton green glassware because it matches nearly any color scheme.

takenaka bento box

Colorful Lunch Boxes That Are Perfect for Leftovers

OK, technically this item is for use outside of the kitchen, but that’s why we love it. Takenaka lacquer bento boxes come in an array of fun colors and are a stylish way to take food on the go. Leftovers never looked so glam.

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