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Let’s face it: When you’re juggling work, chores and errands, cooking an elaborate meal isn’t exactly high on the priority list. Luckily, we have a few secret weapons that make cooking way easier and more fun. Here: 18 life-changing kitchen gadgets that every gal needs—all for under $20.

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Veggetti ($10)

If you haven’t tried zoodles, they’re a total game changer, and this handheld, veggie spiralizer lets you make them in seconds.

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Rapid Egg Cooker ($15)

What is heaven? For us, it’s six hard-, medium- or soft-boiled eggs, cooked perfectly in minutes without any hassle.

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Avocado Saver ($6)

Thou shalt not waste precious halved avocados.

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Microwave Omelet Cooker ($11)

Why turn on the stove when you can have a hot breakfast in a few minutes?

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Bagel Guillotine Slicer ($17)

You need that bagel and you need it now. Slice it in one fell swoop—no nicked fingers necessary.

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Garlic Press ($18)

Imagine: Minced garlic in seconds, and almost no work required.

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Egg Yolk Separator ($7)

Sometimes, life calls for egg whites only.

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Flexible Ice Cube Tray ($8)

There’s nothing more irritating than fighting to pry ice from a plastic tray. The struggle ends now.

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Sizzling Platter ($11)

These small, oval aluminum platters will completely change the way you cook. Use them to broil or roast individual dinner portions.

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Grill Topper ($10)

Don’t lose another mushroom to the fiery pits of your grill. These nonstick grill toppers are the easiest, best way to barbecue vegetables or small foods.

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Adjustable Measuring Cup ($14)

These adjustable measuring cups allow you to push ingredients out. They’re perfect when dealing with sticky things like honey or peanut butter.

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Springfoam Pan ($14)

The most useful pan any baker can own, period. Thanks to removable sides, you don’t need to worry about your food getting stuck.

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Watermelon Slicer ($20)

Part knife, part tong, this wonder tool gives you perfectly sliced watermelon on demand.

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Box Cheese Grater ($18)

You’re grating cheese and that precious Parmesan is flying all over the place. No longer, thanks to the box grater.

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Microwave Egg Poacher ($6)

There’s a trick to poaching eggs…and sometimes we just can’t get it right. The solution: Let this tool do the work in the microwave.

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The Dipr Cookie Spoon- 5 pack ($15)

Dunk your cookies in milk like the sophisticated adult you are.

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Tomato Slicer ($10)

Slicing tiny grape tomatoes is such a pain in the you-know-what. Let this tool do the work.

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Corn on the Cob Kernel Stripper ($14)

Whoa, we wish this little guy had been around in middle school when we had braces.

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