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How you stock your kitchen depends on your lifestyle: If you order takeout 90 percent of the time, a microwave might be a better purchase than a sous vide. But there are five kitchen appliances that all cooks--budding or pro--can agree are worth the investment. Buy 'em now; use 'em forever.


stand mixer list

Stand mixer

There’s a reason why every newlywed couple puts one of these artisan stand mixers on their gift registry. Aside from being total eye candy, there’s not much it can’t do. Need to whip up cake batter, then make a whipped cream topping for it? Easy. Want to churn your own ice cream or grind your own meat? Pop on an attachment and you’re good to go.


convection oven list

Convection oven

Though it’s tempting to save money and just get a standard toaster, the convection oven is a small-but-mighty workhorse. In addition to toasting your bread a light, golden brown, it can pretty much do everything your regular oven does--from baking a batch of cookies to reheating last night’s casserole. (Only it uses much less energy and is easier to clean than your big ol’ oven.)


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A high-powered blender

The best kitchen appliances are the ones that do more than one job and do them well. A high-powered blender is no exception. Make yourself a smoothie, blend up some soup, grind a head of cauliflower into itty-bitty morsels for gluten-free rice…the options are endless.


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electric kettle list

An electric kettle

You never thought you needed it, but once you get one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Bring water to a boil in minutes for your cup of tea. Or coffee. Or a cup of noodles. No stovetop required.


slow cooker list

A slow cooker

The ultimate Hail Mary for moms everywhere, the stocky slow cooker makes family meal planning much easier. Just throw in your ingredients and let them simmer for hours on end to produce the heartiest stews or soups. Newer models come with a programmable timer, heat settings and even a dishwasher-safe bowl. Slow-cooker mac and cheese, anyone?



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