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Julia Dzafic

Meet the lifestyle blogger known for keeping it real

Nine years ago, digital marketing executive Julia Dzafic launched a lifestyle blog as an inspiring, creative outlet from her day job—as well as a means of sharing recipes and wellness tips with her friends and family in an easy-access hub. Surprise: It didn’t take long for her deeply honest voice and signature preppy style to develop an adoring readership.

Today, Lemon Stripes is Julia’s full-time occupation, spanning the breadth of wellness, fashion, home decor and now, motherhood, thanks to the arrival of her adorable baby girl, Amalia. If you, too, swoon over ginger jars and sailor stripes, get ready to fall in love with the charmed world of the Dzafics.

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On how she’d spend a dream day off. “I live in Stamford, Connecticut. I love it here because there are a ton of cute towns surrounding us so we never feel bored! I'd start the day with breakfast with my family at Terrain in Westport. It's the cutest plant/gift store with an amazing café that we love. Then we'd head to the beach (my ideal day takes place in the summer of course!). We'd pick up lobster rolls from Rowayton Seafood on the way. After a day in the sun with our picnic, we'd head home and drop the baby with a sitter and go out for a date night at The Tavern at Graybarns, a romantic spot nearby. It seems like my day really revolves around food!”

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On motherhood’s greatest lesson. “To be a mother, you have to give up control. I've been a control freak for my entire life, but babies come with new rules! Letting go of control has been a huge challenge for me, but when I started going with the flow as a mom, everything became infinitely easier.”

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On how she gets her images to look so bright and happy. “I don't use filters but for editing, my go-to is Snapseed because it's easy to brighten and saturate specific areas and colors. It's basically like a mini Photoshop on your phone. Such a game changer!”