The Joanna Gaines-Approved Layout Tweak That’ll Make Your Living Room Look Super High-End

Big style on a small budget is kind of our design modus operandi. Which probably explains why we feel a special kinship with Joanna Gaines—and tend to copy her approachable design hacks. 

Take, for example, this signature Joanna layout tweak: floating furniture away from your walls. If you're a Fixer Upper fangirl like us, you've probably noticed that in Jo's many open-concept living/dining rooms, she's pretty averse to putting chairs and furniture against walls. Nay, instead she likes to cluster them in cozy lounge setups, which she further defines with a to-scale area rug.  

We love this trick because 1) Voilà: insta-intimacy and cozy conversation! But we really, really love because 2) it just looks so considered and high-end. Anyone else feeling inspired to feng shui their living room this weekend? 

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