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Sure, we’d all love to have a waffle iron and an ice-cream maker, but for most of us New Yorkers, that’s not really practical. But even in tiny apartments, these five items are a must. 

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A Good Cutting Board

If you do a lot of chopping, invest in a big, sturdy one. And don’t worry if you don’t have the storage for it—a nice wooden one can live on the counter, or find one that fits over your sink.

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A Set of Nesting Bowls

You’re never going to regret having more bowls—for baking prep, for leftovers, for popcorn. (Bonus: They look cute, too.)

NY tinykitchen list3

A Magnetic Knife Strip

Unless you’re one of the lucky few blessed with ample counter space, it’s time to get rid of that clunky knife block. A wall-mounted strip keeps knives accessible and makes you feel like a chef. (See also: Magnetic spice jars.)

NY tinykitchen list4

Hooks Everywhere

For especially small kitchens, creating additional storage is a must. Hooks?applied to cabinets, walls or the fridge?make a place for dish towels, mugs, pots and just about anything else you can think of.

NY tinykitchen list5

A Can Opener That Actually Works

This one’s not glamorous, but think about all the can openers you’ve gone through in your life—reads kind of like a string of disappointing exes, doesn’t it? Look for one that uses side cutting: Not only does the unique mechanism somehow manage to eliminate any sharp edges, it lasts way longer than standard versions. 

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