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The idea of updating our home kinda makes us shudder, because, well, it just sounds expensive. And it is if you’re doing an all-out remodel. But there are other ways to spruce up the joint and make it feel like new without spending an arm and a leg. Here, eight ways to improve your home this year that’ll only cost you $150 or less, brought to you by Honeywell.

honeywell wallpaper1

Give Your Walls New Life

Yep—we’re talking wallpaper, and we’re making a case for texture. Go for something that has a natural look to it, like pale herringbone slats or a super-subtle white brick, and opt for the temporary kind you can easily peel off. If you’re in need of an even bigger update, a woodgrain in a striking color is always a cool choice.

Get the look: Tempaper Herringbone Ash ($125); Tempaper Brick White ($125); Tempaper Woodgrain Indigo ($125)

honeywell cabinetlight1

Illuminate Your Work Space

Order a few puck lights and stick them underneath your top set of cabinets. This instantly brightens up the whole area, including those shadowy back corners that also happen to be the best place to prop your cookbook. (And, they’ll be hidden, so it really doesn’t matter that they’re not the prettiest).

Get the look: Project Source LED puck light ($22 for six)

Sponsored honeywell integration

Do a Temperature Check

This year, try upgrading to a smart thermostat to control your heating system. It not only lets you manage your thermostat from anywhere (there’s an app for that) but also saves energy by learning your schedule and adjusting on its own (so the heat isn’t blasting while you’re at work all day). Saving energy equals saving money, which means more cash in the emergency Manolo fund, amiright?

Get the look: Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi thermostat ($150)

honeywell outlet1

Supercharge Your Outlets

Swap out your traditional cover plates for ones that transform your outlets into USB ports. It’ll free up space for other plugs, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing the converter on your charger anymore.

Get the look: SnapPower USB charger ($85 for five)

honeywell woodfloords1

Polish Your Floors

Regular foot traffic dulls even the most beautiful wood flooring, but it’s nothing a quick polish can’t reverse. And when you can rent a floor polisher from places like Home Depot for less than $50 a day, it’s well worth the once-a-year effort.

Get the look: Home Depot floor polisher rental ($44 per day)

honeywell light fixtures1

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

News flash: Those boring ceiling lights are not a permanent part of your home. Ditch ’em for chic (and inexpensive) pendants and chandeliers that emphasize fashion over function, and rely on floor and table lamps to actually brighten the space (they give off much better lighting anyway). The room will look better from all angles—promise.

Get the look: Quorum light pendant ($116)

honeywell bathroom1

Detail Your Bathroom

You’d be surprised how far a new toilet seat can go. And a new showerhead. And a new sink basin.

Get the look: Kohler toilet seat ($15); WantBa massage showerhead ($26); VC Cucine Sink basin ($50)

honeywell closet1

Whip your Closet Into Shape

Pick up a large-scale organizer that requires only a small-scale installation and you can kiss those sagging rods and piles of shoes good-bye. (Because digging through mounds of disorganized clothing every morning isn’t good for anyone.)

Get the look: Rubbermaid closet shelving ($135)

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