Turning a house into a home is no easy feat. Luckily, the folks at Rocket Mortgage are here to help you every step of the way—starting with their personalized loan options to help you get a mortgage that fits your family and budget. What’s more, we’re teaming up to bring you continued inspiration to finish off the process in our “No Place Like Home” series. Let’s get started.

After months of scouring listings and weekends spent going from one open house to another, you’ve finally found the perfect place. You love the farmhouse sink, adore the hardwood floors and can already see yourself knocking on Mrs. Macmillan’s door to borrow sugar. Only problem? You’re not the only one. Here’s how to write a killer real estate offer letter to help seal the deal.

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1. Flattery works

You know what they say—flattery will get you everywhere (including into that adorable two-bedroom with the bay window). If you loved the bathroom renovations or the landscaping, then by all means speak up. Just make sure to keep it sincere (so don’t say that you’re obsessed with the kitchen cabinets if you’re planning on giving the entire room a gut renovation).

2. Find a common interest

If you know that the seller is a cat lover or a Cavs fan and you happen to be as well, then definitely include this information in your letter. Creating a connection between you just might tip the deal in your favor. But again, honesty counts (no one’s going to believe that you’re also into competitive dog grooming).

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3. Be specific

Don’t just say that you loved the house (because duh, of course you did). Instead, go into detail about what it was that blew you away and why. Can you see your kid swinging from the beautiful oak tree in the backyard? As a history teacher, are you obsessed with the crown molding and period features? Just like you would do with a cover letter, you want to tailor your message to this particular home.

4. Sell yourself

There’s no need to list your accomplishments and include your résumé, but this would definitely be a good time to mention your job and how many years you’ve been working (i.e., being a responsible grown-up). If there are any other things that make you an attractive candidate (like you’re a cash buyer, can be flexible with the closing date or you grew up in the area), then mention these as well.

5. Be upbeat

Do: Explain how you can imagine making wonderful memories in the home. Don’t: Say you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t get it.

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6. Keep it short and sweet

Sure, you could wax lyrical about those wooden shutters and the subway tile backsplash, but remember that the sellers are probably pretty busy and most definitely stressed. In other words, don’t ramble and aim for one page or less.

7. Include a visual

Some agents say that putting a family photo or snap of your lovable pooch in your letter could sway sellers and help foster a connection (plus make your note stand out).

8. Be humble

You don’t know what other potential buyers are offering, so saying something like “We feel confident that you’ll accept our generous offer” is a surefire way to get your letter tossed in the trash. Instead, explain how you would be honored to live in the home and make sure to thank the sellers for taking the time to read your letter.

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