10 Uses for Baby Wipes (That Have Nothing to Do with Babies)

These little guys can do just about anything

We’ve already taught you about the amazing things you can do with lemons, dryer sheets and Magic Erasers. Another household item that has totally magical, mystical powers? Baby wipes. Enjoy.

Remove Salt From Your Boots

Just wipe 'em down, then dry with a paper towel. Blizzards, schmizzards.

Clean Puppy Paws

Because God only knows what he was digging for out there.

Wipe Sandy Feet

The two-hour car ride home just got a billion times more tolerable.


Moisten Envelopes

Because we all know what happened to Susan from Seinfeld.

Dust Houseplants

Those leaves could use some love.

Urban Outfitters

Clean Electronics

Make your laptop, TV screen, iPhone and iPad like new, all with one wipe.

Use As Swiffers

Ran out of those little wet duster thingies? Problem solved.

Remove Deodorant Marks

Sayonara, annoying white marks.

Remove Makeup

Raccoon eyes? Never.

Avert Self-tanner Disasters

So you got a little too much on your elbow. Don’t worry--just rub it away with a baby wipe. Immediately.