Start That Snuggling: Making the Perfect Bed 101

Today’s bed is a lot like your perfect casual outfit. It’s made up of quality pieces, it’s super comfortable and it doesn’t look like you tried too hard. And it’s super attractive. Here are fivesteps to getting the perfect sleep situation.

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parachute flannel bedroom
Parachute Home

Start With The Snuggly Coverlet

A lightweight diamond-stitched quilt gives you a bit of weight when you’re sleeping and makes your bed look tidy when you’re not.
Parachute Home ($249)

rough linen
Rough Linen

Layer With A Duvet Cover

When your duvet cover is made of pure linen, even an unmade bed is irresistible.
Rough Linen ($285)

pillows matteo

Collect Coordinating Pillowcases

News flash: Today’s well-made bed includes coordinating, but not matchy-matchy, pillowcasesthat add visual interest without looking too “done.”

loomstead throw

Add A Throw

Drape a chunky cotton knit throw diagonally across the foot of the bed for napping.
Loomstead ($129)

dogs in bed
Facebook/Parachute Home

Share The Covers

Remember: No matter how perfectly styled your bed is, it’s only as good as the snuggle buddies you share it with.