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Super-Smart Ways to Store Christmas Decorations (That We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of)

Ah, Christmas decorations. Every year you swear to organize them. And every year you maniacally throw them willy-nilly in a garbage bag come December 26. Start the season off on the right foot with these nifty tricks.

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Crate precious glass ornaments

Egg crates: Great for eggs, elementary school art projects and storing your grandma’s heirloom glass ball ornaments.

Source: Ask Anna Moseley

Tidy string lights with sheets of cardboard

Cut notches into flat cardboard pieces to keep those endless strands in order.

Source: I Heart Organizing

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Or keep them tidy with tension rods

Coil strings around tension rods inside a large plastic container. Bonus if you actually label the container so you know what’s in it.

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Hang up hanging decorations

Cover big-ticket items with garbage bags and hang them on heavy-duty plastic hooks in the attic.

Organize wreaths on a rod

Let wreaths breathe by sliding them on a rod (like the Hangerjack) inside a closet or in your attic.

Source: Domestic Adventure

Group decorations from go-to displays together

You know how you like the little dancing angels next to the jolly golfing Santas? Put them in the same box, genius.

Source: Stone Gable

And label everything by its location

Use tags or masking tape to carefully label everything and accurately distinguish “front door wreath” from “garden shed wreath.” Organization: Isn’t it the best?

Source: I Heart Organizing

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