How to Stop Getting Junk Mail Once and for All

Scandi-style minimalism may be what you’re after, but a mailbox cluttered with catalogs, coupons and credit card offers is so not hygge. We shudder to think how Marie Kondo would react to all those stacks of paper piled up around our apartment, not to mention how bad all that wasted paper is for the environment. Here, three ways to get rid of junk mail for good.

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How To Stop Getting Catalogs

Sure, you could call or email the customer service department of every company that sends you its monthly catalog (even if you went to that store only once) or you could sign up with the non-profit organization Catalog Choice. Just answer a few simple questions and this free service will send retailers your catalog opt out request on your behalf. Easy peasy. (But remember that it can take some time for the opt-outs to go into effect.)

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How To Stop Getting Credit Card Offers

You love racking up those credit card points but hate getting a bazillion offers for new cards in the mail. Stop the flood with OptOutPrescreen.com, a service that works with major credit reporting agencies (like Experian and TransUnion) and will allow you to opt out of getting offers for five years or permanently. You can also use the site to opt back in at any time.

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How To Stop Getting Junk Mail

Say goodbye to unwanted credit offers, catalogs, magazine offers and other junk mail (like donation requests, bank offers and retail promotions) using the Data & Marketing Association’s online tool, DMAchoice.org. Register online for a $2 fee (valid for ten years) and choose the categories or specific companies you want to opt-out from. This tool is a great option for those who have multiple addresses or recently changed their name, as you can manage them all from one account. Simple.

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