9 Ways to Cool Down Your House Without Switching on the A/C

Ugh, re-circulated air is the worst. But so is watching Netflix when your bedroom hits a steamy (and oh-so-very-stagnant) 90 degrees. Here, nine ways to effectively chill out without turning on the air conditioning.


Close Your Curtains When The Sun Is Shining

You’d be surprised, but it can actually increase the temperature in your home by as much as 30 percent. Simply drawing the blinds in the a.m. (especially on windows facing south and west) can actually lower indoor temps by a whopping 20 degrees.


Then, Open 'em Up When It Gets Dark (windows, Too!)

It’s all about playing to the outside weather. If you notice a chill at night, open the shades and crack the windows on opposite ends of your house. Hello, cross-breeze.

Naviya Koomprawat/Shutterstock

Get Creative With A Fan And Ice

It may sound old-school, but setting a bowl of ice cubes in front of a rotating fan can actually mimic the effect of an air conditioner--and save you oodles on your electric bill.

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Switch Your Bed Linens To Cotton

Sure, flannel is the softest, but when the AC isn’t cranking, cotton is much more breathable. Even better, it’s more likely to stay cool to the touch, which feels the best on sweltering summer nights.

Stick With No-bake Dinners And Desserts

It’s 90 degrees. Do not--we repeat, do not--turn on your oven. For meals, summer salads are your best friend. So are tasty no-bake desserts. (We’re talking to you, funfetti cheesecake.)


Run Your Bathroom Fans

Think about it: They’re designed to suck the humidity out of the air following a steamy shower. They’ll do the same on a steamy day. (Hey, every little bit helps!)


And Check To See If Your Ceiling Fan Is On "counter-clockwise" Mode

It’s actually a much more effective way to move the air around your home. You can tell if it’s on simply by standing beneath your ceiling fan. If you immediately feel a breeze, you’re good. But if you don’t, you’ll need to grab a stool and flip the switch from “clockwise” to “counter-clockwise.” (It’s usually located on the base of the fan.)


Switch Your Lightbulbs To Cfls

They’re not just energy-efficient; they also generate a lot less heat than regular incandescent bulbs. Talk about a win-win.


Eat More Ice Cream

And iced tea! And boozy popsicles! When it comes to beating the heat, trust us. It all helps.