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Airbnb: It seems like everyone in Los Angeles is involved. (Ever notice your next-door neighbors renting out their place?) And Los Angeles County (hello, major global tourism destination) has even started taxing the stays. Here’s what to consider before you host guests.

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Where Is Your Property?
More than nine Los Angeles neighborhoods account for 73 percent of the money Airbnb makes in the region. So…if you’ve got a spot in Venice, Downtown, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Echo Park, Silverlake, Mar Vista or Los Feliz, odds are your place will be rented.

Are You Willing to Make Nice with Your Neighbors?
There’s a lot of controversy surrounding short-term rentals: Are they driving rental prices up? Are they noisy? Are they hurting the local hotel business? Best to think all this through—as well as anticipate whatever rules you need to bend/flout with your neighborhood association or condo board.

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Are You Able to Invest Up Front?
You’ll need a couple new sets of bed linens, some fresh towels and kitchen utensils (if applicable) right from the start. But don’t worry: You’ll make the money back in no time.

Like Keeping Your Phone Handy?
When you run an Airbnb, you’re these guests’ main point of contact. So get ready to be on call when Susie Mae wants to ask any ole thing, from how to operate the remote control to the top three Thai places within walking distance. Smiles, everyone!

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Are You a Clean Freak?
This can make or break a stay, so Airbnb recommends you clean your place twice between guests. Not tidy? A housekeeper on call can do the trick, and you can pass their fee along to your customer. Oops, “guest.”

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Can You Brag About Your Amenities?
Don’t just say coffeemaker when you have a Nespresso maker. And if you have a tub, not just a shower, say so. Have an apartment with a panoramic view of the DTLA skyline? Shout it out. High occupancy dwells in the details.

Do You Understand the Importance of Good Pictures?
Prospective guests click the photos tab on the lower left to decide whether to research the place further, so make sure you have seven or so great shots that are clean, well-lit and styled with a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers on the table.

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