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The 2-Second Hack That Could Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing
annaia/Getty Images

When temperatures drop, parched skin and a costly heating bill aren’t the only things to be concerned about. This winter, keep your pipes in tip-top (read: not frozen) shape with this clever tip. 

What to do: Your pipes are most at risk when the weather outside is frightful and the heating is turned off. So, before you leave your home (or even go to bed), set your thermostat to at least 50 degrees and fling your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors wide open. 

Why this works: Opening up your pipes’ cabinets helps warm air circulate around the plumbing, thereby preventing a big freeze (and sky-high repair costs). 

One more thing: If you’re expecting severe winter weather, make sure to combine this trick with other preventative measures such as keeping faucets slightly dripping and insulating exposed pipes. You want your home’s vibe to be chill, not chilled-to-the-bone. 

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