Own a Rental Property? Here Are Genevieve Gorder's Top 3 Tips for Bringing in the Big Bucks

Genevieve Gorder is pretty much a wizard when it comes to flipping income properties. (Literally—it’s the entire premise of her Netflix hit, Stay Here.) So naturally, when we had the chance to catch up with the designer at a TJMaxx press event, we had to tap her expertise on sprucing up a short-term rental property for top dollar, not to mention, rave reviews. 

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Start With A Light, Bright Base

The first rental-priming rule? “Everything needs to read clean,” insists Gorder. “When you open the door, it needs to smell, taste, look, feel clean. Otherwise the first thing I’m gonna do when I get there is...clean!” To set this tone, Gorder suggests white walls and upholstery: “Bleach is a great thing. It makes white forgiving where other colors are not. I’m a huge fan of tightly tailored, washable slipcovers.” 

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Invest In Fabulous Bedding

If your place is gorgeous but the bed stinks and the sheets are cheap, no one’s coming back,” she jokes. A great place to start? High-quality sheets (like these ones from Cloud Ten).


Leave Welcome Gifts

“Small things make a big impact, she says, “anditdoesn’t have to be expensive.Maybe it’sa bottle of wine, or something to eat thats local and authentic. Usually after traveling, you’re hungry and you’re tired. So if someone thought of those twothingsand set out a sweet, or a guidebook, a little flower, or somewater,then everyoneis happy and it’s as if you spent $2,000!That nuance says you’re athome,not at a hotel.”

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